About Me

“Pressure Causes Expansion. Expand the mold and think bigger about who you are.” - Ivan Ramirez

Me in a Nutshell

IVAN RAMIREZ - Co-founder/Partner of Zerimar Ventures is a global entrepreneur that moves cash and ideas across the world for the social benefit of humanity. Born in Colombia, educated in the U.S., Ivan is a “dude” in love with the hustle of life, raising a ruckus with disruptive tech, and rocking entrepreneurship and business on a global scale. With his drive to do things a better way and his motivation for success it’s no surprise that he has founded/co-founded several profitable companies such as De La Terra, Brandbuy.com, CommerceInterface. He was the VP of Business Development for Overstock.com, Director of Global product for Groupon Goods, and is the current VP of Groupon Goods for APAC.

My Life

  1. Family 110%
  2. Entrepreneurship 110%
  3. World Travel 70%
  4. Music 90%

  • Ivan, don't let those guys with the fancy titles make any decisions. They always "F" things up.- John J. Byrne (Insurance Industry Executive)
  • Ivan, in my days startups talked about millions in revenue. You young guys have some rich blood talking about billions. - Gordon Macklin (Founder, NASDAQ)
  • Ivan, there is no such thing as good luck, there is only hard work.- Isaac Zaharoni (CEO, Zaharoni Industries)